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Shared Input Styles

Input related component such as SInputText or SInputSelect shares many common stylings. You may customize the shared style by overriding --input prefixed CSS variables.

Available CSS Variables

Here are the list of all available CSS variables that you can customize.

Font size

Customize the font size of the generic input value. The font size is different depending on the input's size defined by the size prop. You may override the font size for all inputsizes, or customize them individually.

:root {
   * Set the font size for all size of inputs. By default it's
   * undefined and size specific values defined below is used.
  --input-font-size: undefined;
  --input-label-font-size: undefined;

   * Set the font size of different `size` of inputs. When
   * `--button-font-size` is set, these values gets ignored.
  --input-mini-font-size: 14px;
  --input-mini-label-font-size: 12px;

  --input-small-font-size: 16px;
  --input-small-label-font-size: 14px;
  --input-medium-font-size: 16px;
  --input-medium-label-font-size: 14px;

You may use following CSS variables to override text stylings such as styles for label, color of the value, placeholder, etc.

:root {
  --input-label-color: var(--c-text-1);
  --input-value-color: var(--c-text-1);
  --input-placeholder-color: var(--c-text-3);

  --input-error-text-color: var(--c-danger-light);

  --input-disabled-value-color: var(--c-text-1);

Input box stylings

You may customize how the input box would look like through following CSS variables.

:root {
  --input-border-color: var(--c-divider-1);
  --input-bg-color: var(--c-bg-elv-1);
  --input-hover-border-color: var(--c-gray);
  --input-focus-border-color: var(--c-info-light);

  --input-error-border-color: var(--c-danger-light);

  --input-disabled-bg-color: var(--c-mute);