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<SAvatarList> is a vertical list of interactive actions or options.



<SActionList> takes a prop :list which is array of items to be listed as options.

<script setup lang="ts">
import IconActivity from '@iconify-icons/ph/activity-bold'
import IconEye from '@iconify-icons/ph/eye-bold'
import IconTrash from '@iconify-icons/ph/trash-bold'
import SActionList, { type ActionList } from '@globalbrain/sefirot/lib/components/SActionList.vue'

const list: ActionList = [
  { leadIcon: IconActivity, text: 'Show activity' },
  { leadIcon: IconEye, text: 'Preview' },
  { leadIcon: IconTrash, text: 'Delete item' }

  <SActionList :list="list" />



The options to be listed.

import { type IconifyIcon } from '@iconify/vue/dist/offline'

interface Props {
  list?: ActionList

type ActionList = ActionListItem[]

interface ActionListItem {
  // The icon to be displayed on the left side of the text.
  leadIcon?: IconifyIcon

  // The text to be displayed.
  text: string

  // The link to be navigated to when the item is clicked. When this
  // prop is set, the item is rendered via `<SLink>`.
  link?: string

  // Whether the item is disabled.
  disabled?: boolean

  // The tooltip to be displayed when the item is hovered or focused.
  tooltip?: Tooltip

  // The callback to be called when the item is clicked.
  onClick?(): void

interface Tooltip {
  // The HTML tag to be used for the tooltip.
  // Defaults to `span`.
  tag?: string

  // The text to be displayed in the tooltip. The tooltip
  // will only be visible when this prop is set.
  text?: MaybeRef<string | null>

  // The position of the tooltip relative to the button.
  // Defaults to `top`
  position?: 'top' | 'right' | 'bottom' | 'left'

  // The trigger to show the tooltip.
  // Defaults to `both`
  trigger?: 'hover' | 'focus' | 'both'

  // The time after which the tooltip is hidden if triggered
  // because of focussing the trigger element (in milliseconds).
  // Defaults to `undefined` (the tooltip will not hide
  // automatically).
  timeout?: number
<SActionList :list="[...]" />



The type of the :list prop.

type ActionList = ActionListItem[]


The type of action list item. See :list for the details.

import { type IconifyIcon } from '@iconify/vue/dist/offline'

interface ActionListItem {
  leadIcon?: IconifyIcon
  text: string
  link?: string
  onClick?(): void